We combine our love for food, fitness, and the environment through explorations into how to live a more fulfilled and balanced life. Join Meg for conversations with everyone from outdoor adventurers, to agriculturalists, to athletes, and beyond!

Sherry Manning is the founder and Executive Director of Global Seed Savers.

Global Seed Savers is an organization with a mission to empower smallholder farmers in the Philippines to achieve food sovereignty through organic farming and seed saving. Sherry has been working for the past 7 years to help spread seed saving and organic agriculture knowledge among small farmers in the Phillippines. She sharpened her seed saving skills through several programs with RMSA (Seed School and Teacher Training) both as a student and teacher. 

Founder/Executive Director of Global Seed Saver

Sherry Manning


Blair is a Nutrition Consultant and Natural Chef with a passion for helping others achieve optimal health through

a holistic approach that focuses on body, mind, and spirit. 

She is an experienced Nutrition Consultant with a demonstrated history of working in the health wellness and fitness industry. Skilled in Photography, Writing, Design, and Recipe Development. Strong healthcare services professional with a Bachelor's degree focused in Applied Nutrition from North Carolina State University. 

Holistic Nutrition Consultant

Natural Chef and Lifestyle Blogger

Blair Horton


Rebecca Johnson has completed 500 hours in yoga training and is currently a second year student in a 4-year yoga therapy program. After years of suffering from anxiety and depression, yoga showed her another way to soothe and heal past trauma.

Certified Yoga Instructor

at the Kindness Studios in Denver

Rebecca Johnson




Fuel | Mind | Body | Planet



Founded in 2018 and originally coined the "Granny Book Club", this beautiful venture evolved out of three friends' mutual love for all things food and wellness-related. Books were discussed, but most often the main topics of conversation were nutrition, performance, and all aspects of optimal health & wellness. The weekly gatherings grew longer and longer, with each friend bringing to the table (literally) different areas of expertise and passion.

"How can we share this with others?"

What began as a weekly food & wellness therapy session between friends has become a passion project to spread light, love, and inspiration as far as possible. With science! We invite you to our table in the hope that you leave as full, fueled, and focused as we do.


Meg, Jeannelle, & Julie


Megan Geddis

  • Instagram

Food Security, Sustainable Agriculture, & International Development Specialist

Returned Peace Corps Volunteer (RPCV)

(Benin, West Africa, 2015-2017)

BS Business Administration/Marketing

MS International Business


Podcast Producer​

Jeannelle Scheper

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2016 Rio Olympian

(St. Lucia, High Jump)

Adidas Athlete

BS Mathematics

MS Economics


Julie Wiemerslage​

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Rabbit Elite Athlete

Honey Stinger Hive Elite Athlete

Altra Running Red Team

Distance Coach

Gluten-Free & Plant-Based

BS Biology/Anthropology/Animal Ecology

MS Sport and Entertainment Management





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