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The Lean Green Athlete Podcast

Shay Subramanian

Adventure & Nature Photographer/Videographer

Parkour Athlete

Frequently described by friends as "a kid at heart" and "a truly spontaneous and fun-loving person," Shay always pushes people to take chances and live happier, more fulfilled lives. His passion, kindness, high energy, and super smarts are tools that he uses to push boundaries and go above and beyond in every aspect of life.

"Keeping that childlike sense of adventure is key to me for living a fulfilling life. When I'm not working, I'm busy romping around the incredible Southwest, shooting photos and videos to log it all in the memory banks. I try to be open-minded and keep a "why not" attitude, which has led me to the best friends and adventures I can imagine having."  - Shay

Shannon Francis

Indigenous Permaculture Specialist

Executive Director - Spirit of the Sun, Inc.

Shannon is Dineh (Navajo) from Shiprock, New Mexico, and Hopi from Kykotsmovi, Arizona. She is Towering House clan born for Red Running through the Water clan. Her Hopi clans are Massau’, Bear Sand, and Snake Clan. Shannon comes from twelve generations of earth caretakers, ethnobotanists and seed keepers. 


Shannon is an active educator and has presented and taught widely on permaculture design. Her passion is instilling reciprocal relationships by connecting people to the natural world through seeds, soil and the elements. Shannon has been a member of the Denver Native community for thirty years and serves on the Four Winds American Indian Council as Chair and is the Director for the Indigenous Agricultural project at Four Winds. In 2014, Shannon received the Justin B. Willie humanitarian award on the Navajo Nation in Arizona. More recently, she received the 2015 Cesar E. Chavez female leadership award for her work with Indigenous gardening, food justice and community building projects.

* Upcoming Guests *

Chelsey Vest, PhD

PhD Human Sexuality

Chelsey's journey began as a collegiate track athlete at Tufts University in Massachusetts. Chelsey loves her dog, Ryder, and has a passion for burlesque, women and gender studies, and psychology.


"My experiences at Tufts led to an easy transition to Widener University where I completed my Masters in Clinical Social Work and Masters in Education in Human Sexuality. Due to either masochism or an affinity for being a lifelong learner (or maybe both), I moved directly into Widener’s PhD program in human sexuality which I completed in December of 2018. My dissertation focused on the intersections of social media usage, jealousy, and attachment theory for young adults.


Aside from my background in clinical sex therapy, I continue to run. And, (although I get mixed reviews on this) stay true to my Massachusetts roots as a staunch Boston sports fan. I look forward to discussing more about my experiences studying sexuality, gender, and sexual health and the importance of promoting more open dialogue on how they impact overall wellness."

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