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The Team

Meg Geddis

Food Security, Sustainable Agriculture, & International Development Specialist

Returned Peace Corps Volunteer (RPCV)

(Benin, West Africa, 2015-2017)

BS Business Administration/Marketing

MS International Business


Podcast Producer


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I am, foremost, a food lover. My passion for food touches every aspect of my life, from cooking with my partner and friends at home, to researching the minutiae of nutrition for performance optimization, to my career in international development. I firmly believe that food is the ultimate foundation for wellness, and strive to spread knowledge for good in every way possible.

For two years, I lived and worked in a small village in Benin, West Africa as a Peace Corps Volunteer. I worked within my community to address issues pertaining to food security, such as sustainable farming practices and maternal/child health. I have since worked with the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) in Senegal, and The Women's Bakery and Go Farm Hemp in Denver, Colorado.

I am happiest when I am being challenged, learning, and chasing the things that I am most passionate about. When I am not at work, you can catch me gourmet chef'ing it up with friends, snuggling my kitty Milo, hiking and biking in the beautiful Colorado Rocky Mountains, and training to become a ninja. 

Jeannelle Scheper

2016 Rio Olympian

(St. Lucia, High Jump)

Adidas Athlete

BS Mathematics

MS Economics




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I am a professional high jumper and 2016 Olympian from St Lucia. I compete internationally representing my country and my brand Adidas. Currently I am training for the World Championships in Athletics in Doha and later for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games. I also happen to work at the Adidas group Amsterdam Headquarters as a Digital Analyst Trainee. 

In my free time (that seldom exists) I find peace and total relaxation in cooking! I love seeing the transformation process from random separate raw ingredients into a coherent yummy meal. I’m super passionate about using fresh, healthy ingredients and making everything from scratch! One of my favorite things to make is homemade sourdough. 

I really enjoy cooking for family and friends and I’m always ready to totally nerd out on the most minute details about specific nutrients in food, the human microbiome, sustainable farming and everything in between.

Julie Wiemerslage

Rabbit Elite Athlete

Honey Stinger Hive Elite Athlete

Altra Running Red Team

Distance Coach

Gluten-Free & Plant-Based

BS Biology/Anthropology/Animal Ecology

MS Sport and Entertainment Management






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  • Instagram

I am an avid runner and running coach, currently training to qualify for the Olympic Marathon Trials while working full time at a run specialty store and being the best dog mom that I can be! I stick to a plant-based and gluten-free diet for health and ethical reasons, and love experimenting with creative new meals. I frequently make whole food, protein bars from scratch.


With a strong background in scientific research, I tend to look at the world through the critical viewpoint of a scientist (lending to my social media handle, @thegingerscientist) and enjoy trying to learn about the world around me with an unbiased view! I try to apply a scientific and holistic approach to coaching distance runners. Side note- athletes looking for a running coach are encouraged check out my coaching services at!

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