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Founded in 2018 and originally coined the "Granny Book Club", this beautiful venture evolved out of three friends' mutual love for all things food and wellness-related. Books were discussed, but most often the main topics of conversation were nutrition, performance, and all aspects of optimal health & wellness. The weekly gatherings grew longer and longer, with each friend bringing to the table (literally) different areas of expertise and passion.

"How can we share this with others?"

What began as a weekly food & wellness therapy session between friends has become a passion project to spread light, love, and inspiration as far as possible. With science! We invite you to our table in the hope that you leave as full, fueled, and focused as we do.


Meg, Jeannelle, & Julie


To spread knowledge and inspiration to benefit not only our minds and bodies, but the incredible planet that we live on, as well. 


A more sustainable, healthy, and happy world.

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